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WoodRunner Games is a Canadian video game indie studio from Montreal, Quebec. Our mission is to create fun games who offer high level challenges while specializing ourselves in a hand drawing visual. We want to offer a gameplay that will give players a feeling of accomplishment while getting lost in crazy and colourful worlds! In other words, we want to create unforgettable experiences that will test the player's skill in a refreshing way.


The origin of our studio’s name comes from papers that were talking about ‘’les coureurs des bois’’ in the middle of the XVII century. They were using the term ‘’WoodRunners’’ to present independent French Canadian entrepreneurs. In love with nature, they were traveling through the woods to trade mostly with First Nation people. It was important for us to have a brand that represents Quebec’s origin and also to add specific elements in our game that will remind us where we’re from. That’s why we choose that our first game takes place in the middle of Quebec's fauna and flora.


WoodRunner Games was born in September 2020 and grew fast from 2 to 7 passionate people working at full time. It all started during the summer of 2020 while Max & Rob (the two CoFounders) decided to make their dream come true: Making their own video game. After finishing the game's concept, we realized fast enough that we needed a full team to get the quality that we wanted in a reasonable timeframe. For more information about our members, feel free to visit our team page.


After six months working as a team on our first game named Quack!, we already have a gameplay reel, a trailer and a first playable. We’re very excited about this project which is growing at a fast pace and we can’t wait for you guys to test your skills on Quack!

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