Max Petroff

Co-Founder / Game Designer

Rob Marquis

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Max is the co-founder and he is also in charge of the programming team. From VFX to placing assets, he works on everything that involves unity. While playtesting everyday to ensure the high quality of the gameplay, he also makes sure there’s always a bottle a wine around the corner. His passion for gaming all started with Super Mario World when he was a kid.

Rob is the co-founder and the main creative mind behind Quack! He juggles between environment art, level design and his coffee addiction all day long. It's FinalFantasy IV and Super Mario World that really made him love video games so much. Dark Souls 3 might be his favorite game of all time. He can't wait to play HK - Silksong and Elden Ring.

Jack Ellis - 3rd May 2021_edited.jpg
Jack Ellis


Yanick Sévigny_edited.jpg
Yanick Sévigny

Senior Programmer

Jimmy Griffiths

UI System Programmer

Jack is our one and only 2D animator! You might have seen him on Twitch as TITLE_In_Large. If you didn’t, you can enjoy his talent by looking at our gorgeous animations in Quack! With his colorful personality, he always brings energy to our team meetings.

Hugo Fontaine
Hugo Fontaine

Community Manager

Yanick is our main gameplay programmer. His best skill is to resolve any kind of issues we can have in programmation. His second best skill is to make sure we always have a good song playing in our channel while we work!

Jajanpreet Singh

Senior Programmer

Jimmy is our UI & System programmer. Everything that touches the menu and everything that is being loaded in the game, that’s him! Always calm and in control, he has the power to throw code that is working all the time (well most of the time).

Marina BlackNWhite.png
Marina Barthelemy


Hugo is our community manager and he is in charge of all our social media which will be launching soon. He is a huge basketball fan and his favorite game as a kid was Super Smash Bro's.

Janjanpreet is our new Senior programmer.

Marina Barthelemy is our producer and financing adviser.

Our new Team Members will be added soon.


Jonathan Lefrançois-Leduc


Vincent BlackNWhite.png
Vincent Puech

Prog Consultant

Pierre BlackNWhite.png
Pierre Moisan


Hand Of Midas