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Quack! perfectly blends the Roguelike and 2D Precision Platformer genre. Traditionally animated, this magnificent game offers puzzle elements with a unique portal mechanic in a rich story full of unforgettable characters.

Our story starts on the day of a mysterious event where technologie shuts down, creating chaos in the forest. This event divides two duckling brothers and it’s the hero’s quest to find his lost brother while helping the wildlife in their fight for survival.

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Unleash your skills by jumping, attacking, bouncing in this fast-paced modern tale and leap through a world filled with colourful characters, secrets to uncover and epic boss battles. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world, decipher dangerous mysteries and face obstacles in a journey that will leave you wanting for more.

Quack! offers a refreshing platforming experience with its unique portal mechanic. Create portals to move the various gameplay elements through the levels to progress in the game with style by performing spectacular maneuvers.

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In this world, water got corrupted. The rat empire rules the forest by oppressing the wildlife in their greedy reign of terror. The hero will save the life of the mice that he will encounter and in return they will help him to rebuild a village. These buildings will act as an ability tree to give options to the player that will help him in his adventure.

A game full of surprises, with deep lore and many colourful characters that will be part of your quests, challenging optional resources with great rewards, over 900 levels with randomized levels on every run, optional speedrun moves to learn, different endings, a practice mode, a great achievement system, over 30 hammer skins and more than 15 boss fights are all part of a game that’s way more than a standard platformer.

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Tina Nawrocki
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