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Thank you for your interest in our studio and our first game.

Welcome to the Quack! Press kit page!

You will find videos, GIFs and images that you can use for any articles.

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Game: Quack!

Developers: WoodRunner Games

Release Date: Q2 2024


Press Contact:



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Quack! is a challenging game that perfectly merges the genre Roguelite and 2D platformer. It implements puzzle elements to his gameplay in a refreshing way which is more immersive and dynamic. A game traditionally animated, completely hand-drawn that offers a rich story full of emotionally impactful and colorful characters.


Unleash your skills by jumping, bouncing and blasting your way in this fast-paced procedurally generated world full of secrets, boss fights, collectibles, side-quests, lore, special variety levels and mini-games.


  • The hero of our story is armed with a device called the hammer, which lets him create two portals which gives the player the possibility of teleporting animals/objects from one portal to the other and use them as a platform that lets the player complete the levels. An immersive way to present puzzle elements in levels, with this unique mechanic that challenges the player with logic, ability and skills.

  • Quack brings a lot of focus on replayability. Every run is unique and feels like a short story with his procedurally generated maps, its hidden characters, its artefact system, its ressources and secrets randomly placed in the levels. Every level completed rewards the player with ressources that you can invest to rebuild a village inhabited by mice who will help you in your next runs. Lastly, we bring hidden techniques and tools to the speedrunning community.

  • A world entirely hand-drawn and traditionally animated. A minimalistic visual art style that shows strong shapes that permit a more fun and complexe jump variation that innovates on the regular platformer moveset.

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At WoodRunner Games, we love too many games, so Quack! is obviously inspired by a long list of masterpieces like Celeste, Cuphead, the Dark Souls series, Hades, Hollow Knight, Portal 2, Spelunky 2 and Super Mario World.  The beautiful work of Eyvind Earle, Mike Mignola and Robert C. O’Brien was also very inspiring.





Quack Version 1 [Black Stroke]@3x.png
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