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Thank you for your interest in our studio and our first game.

Welcome to the Quack Press kit page!

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Game: Quack

Developers: WoodRunner Games

Release Date: Q1 2025


Press Contact:




Quack is the first Metroidvania to focus primarily on platforming rather than combat. Its core mechanics are based on puzzles and fast-paced action, all set in beautifully interconnected worlds that have been completely hand-drawn and traditionally animated.


Imagine a game that values exploration like Hollow Knight, with a similar general gameplay like Celeste, full of Boss Fights that reminds us of the beautiful craziness of Cuphead and a portal mechanic inspired by Portal 2. That game is QUACK!


  • The power to create portals is one of many Metroidvania-style abilities that players can uncover. This innovative ability allows players to teleport themselves or other gameplay elements, using them as platforms to progress through the various levels. While our game does feature some puzzle-based gameplay, it primarily consists of fast-paced challenges that rely on physics mechanics. The quick pace keeps the gameplay exciting and engaging for players.

  • Quack stands out from the competition by being the first Metroidvania to prioritize platforming over combat. The game revolves around exploration, with secrets hidden throughout the interconnected worlds that lead players to discover unique abilities. Acquiring these abilities not only enhances the player's movement capabilities but also adds refreshing variety to the platforming experience.

  • Quack is not just the tale of a duckling in a fantastical world; rather, players will uncover clues suggesting that the entire world is a simulation created by humans, with the animals trapped and under observation. The hero's quest is to unravel this mystery.

  • Throughout the adventure, players will encounter four different clans, including the samurai frog, and will have the opportunity to forge alliances or rivalries with them. These choices will impact the player's progression, exploration, and the overall story, offering great replayability.

  • Music is at the core of the game and there are numerous musical mini-games that unlock new abilities for the player. With over 1000 short but challenging levels of gameplay, Quack promises to deliver an engaging experience for players of all skill levels.



At WoodRunner Games, we love too many games, so Quack! is obviously inspired by a long list of masterpieces like Celeste, Cuphead, the Dark Souls series, Hades, Hollow Knight, Portal 2, Spelunky 2 and Super Mario World.  The beautiful work of Eyvind Earle, Mike Mignola and Robert C. O’Brien was also very inspiring.

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Quack Version 1 [Black Stroke]@3x.png
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